Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Are you on here for your health?

Okay, so you might remember Nancy M. from an earlier post. Well, she and I continued to talk. Every time we were on the phone, it was great dialog. The conversations never hesitated. She's about to take a trip, so I emailed her about it:

BiffM: Hey, how long will you be on your trip?

Nancy M: Hi there :) For a week. can't wait. have you ever been?

(I guess she is like Drew Barrymore in "50 First Dates" because this was the third time I had to tell her that I have been there.)

BiffM: Yep. I was sent there for work. My first day ended the job at 2pm, so I hit the beach and they were having a "Baywatch" photo shoot on the beach. I love that state! :-) So, are you booked between now and then?

Nancy M: Hi- No I'm not booked but I'm not in the position to make plans that I may not be able to keep. and I've had to back out on you before...and its not fair to you at all. And honestly, I'm not really into dating right now. You seem like a lot of fun though and I would like to meet you I'm just not going to make set plans.

(Her "I'm not really into dating right now" statement makes me kinda curious as to why we met ON A DATING WEBSITE! Obviously, that could be a lie to avoid saying she is not interested. But, why was SHE the one calling ME? And her line, "I would like to meet you I'm just not going to make set plans" makes me wonder how this would ever be accomplished. Is she going to stalk me someday when she finds the time? Or maybe she thinks I'll get a job as an auto mechanic and be wearing my name on my jumpsuit, so she'll recognize me?)

(Somehow, someway, a male HAS to sneak into one of these female conferences and learn their methods for keeping guys confused.)


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