Monday, December 05, 2005

Ever try speed-dating?

I have done speed dating events on several occasions and I had pretty decent results. It's a lot like doing online dating except the profiles are 3-D and interactive (and smell nice.) Well, my experience last week was horrible. I am here to tell you to never use EVER!!!

Here is the deal...I showed up to an event arranged for 25-35 yr olds who are "athletic and fit." It turns out that there were only seven members of the opposite sex for each of us to talk to. And because they were short a couple of females, two were pulled from the event immediately prior -- which was speed-dating for 35-45 yr olds. Being 35, I was okay with it...but if I was 25, but all means, bring my mom in to match up with me! He might be thinking he would like to meet a cute hottie, but an aunt who can cook might work. Anyhoo... The event went fine and I put "yes" to three of the seven. If there are mutual yes responses, each of you are emailed the other person's email address -- OR SO I THOUGHT! Turns out that I got an email that has the "usernames" for the mutual matches. I am supposed to log on to (where I was assigned a free subscription for a month.) Well, I logged on and it notified me that my profile was "hidden" and I would need to "make it visible" for others to see it or write to me. Wait. If my profile was invisible, what happened if my mutual matches looked for me in the previous four days between the event and today??? They would have seen "this username is not a member" -- just as I am now seeing for my mutual matches. HUH? Are we suppose to now wait until we ramdomly bump into each other in the city? I could have done that without paying for it! Its like some weird conversational prostitution! I'm fighting to get my money back. NEVER USE !!!!


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