Thursday, December 15, 2005

Yeah, I'm the size of a hobbit...

This one girl wanted to be "friends" after one date. Sure. Why not? That was weeks ago. So, I sent her the web site for this very blog.

Yancy H: Is this stuff you write? what's the point? who reads it!? i couldn't get past just a few lines and i was already lost and bored. is your blog like your diary or something... You send it to me as if you're trying to make me feel sorry for you or something, but really it just makes me laugh.

(Ummm...its SUPPOSED to make you laugh. Duh!)

Yancy H: (continuing on) I can pretty much guarantee that (these girls) don't want to see you anymore cuz your short. very. and you lie about it cuz it's not like you add a couple of inches, you ad like 8!.

(Ignoring her awful grammar...)

BiffM: What?! Eight inches? What the heck are you talking about?

Yancy H: you're like my height! and i'm only 5-1. i wasn't so sure when we hung out, but when i saw you at the hospital, you were just about the same size as me, if not shorter by like an inch or 2. i just don't think it's cool you're not honest about it. I wouldn't of wasted my night out with you if i would of known that you were so short. sorry.

(Background: We had one date and after that I had surgery and this girl worked in the same hospital. She came to visit me.)

BiffM: Ummm...I had ABDOMINAL surgery! I couldn't stand up straight for two weeks! So, because I was hunched over that made my driver's license height a lie? Yeah,'s a tip: Since you are an x-ray technician...if a guy is lying on your table, he is not really only 10 inches tall...he's just not standing up straight.

(Sorry, but this "friend" thing has to end. My friends need to have some kind of useful brain. Maybe she "wasn't so sure (about my height) when we hung out" the first time because she was too busy getting ripped. I mean, if she couldn't tell I towered over her on the first date before my surgery, she might just have a drinking problem.)


Blogger katie said...

Shawn, I can honestly say I love reading your blog. Please, please keep it coming :)

5:13 PM  
Blogger katie said...

Oh, and see I visited you in the hospital, I can vouch for the fact that you were like 2 feet shorter than you normally are.
You sure do hang out with whackos...course, half the time you bring it out of them :)

5:14 PM  

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