Monday, August 14, 2006

Don't you know your own schedule?

I met Helen T. online and we sent emails back and forth. I asked her out, but her daughter was sick so she couldn't go. A couple of days pass...

BiffM: "Are there any days that are typically better than others for you to get away and meet up?"
Helen T: "it may be a while I start my new job on Wed. I will keep you posted:-)"

Okay, first of all...why the smiley face with that statement? Is that you laughing at me as you string me along? That's peachy.

And why did she join if she knew she wouldn't have time to see anyone because she is starting a new job. My guess is that its not that she doesn't have time, she just doesn't want to say no to me.

Her statement is a lot like the statement in one of my previous posts: Her "I will keep you posted" = the other girl's "let's take things slow" = "get the hell away from me"

The only difference between the three is that "get the hell away from me" is honest.


Blogger tinyhands said...

"I will keep you posted" also means "I'm seeing someone else and you're on deck."

8:35 PM  

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