Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Things happen in threes...

I met up with Heather C. for a drink after my class. I knew I liked her in email because she was a real smart-alec. In person, she turned out to be really cute, too. We were hitting it off, so we ordered a second round. The conversation turned to shopping.

BiffM: "So you like to shop?"
Heather C: "Of course. I am a girl afterall."
BiffM: "How about shoes? Are you a shoe collector?"
Heather C: "No, I hate shoe shopping because I..."

At this point, I realized I had just asked her in email yesterday about shoes. So, I quickly helped her finish her sentence...

Both of us: "...can't find size 5 shoes."
Heather C: "What? How did you know I was a size 5?"
BiffM: "Because you told me in email."
Heather C: "I don't think I did. In fact, I'm sure I did not."
BiffM: "Then how would I know that? It's not like I work at the circus and guess people's shoe sizes for a living."
Heather C: "You'll have to show me the email I sent with my shoe size."

Then it dawned on me. Heather C. did not tell me that size 5 was hard to find. Genna A. told me about that earlier in the day in email! Oh my god! I confused Heather C with another girl...a girl who just happened to be the same tiny shoe size! What are the odds?

Oh well. I quickly guessed her weight and dress size and I looked like a good guesser instead of a complete moron for confusing two girls. Whew, I dodged that one. The rest of the date went pretty well. After paying the check (I paid and she all was right in the world), we walked out of the bar towards the parking garage. Three people were approaching to go into the bar. Wait a second...

BiffM: "Olivia D?"
Olivia D: "Hey! Wow. How did you recognize me? I am not all messy from softball."

(Ummm...maybe because I just found your profile on and was staring at all your photos recently?) guessed it. It was the same girl from the batting cages. The one I did not ask for her number but who I just found on That made three connections with her in five days! I live in DC, so the odds of all that happening are nil. It was SO weird.

BiffM: (jokingly) " still look messy."
Olivia D: (towards my date) "Hi, I'm Olivia." (Oh crap...I missed the intro. Bad, Biff.)
Heather C: "Hi, I'm Heather."
Olivia D: "Email me tomorrow. We'll figure out the plan to practice softball."
BiffM: "sfljslfjsdgeslfdasew" (That's what I remember saying in response. I know it is gibberish, but I was in such shock from bumping into her that I don't remember what the heck I said.)

So, now Olivia has seen me with a date. Is that bad? Is that good? Who knows...I'm still amazed I keep running into her! Is all this some kind of sign?


Blogger Photogirl said...

All good signs! And she is obviously interested or she would not have asked you to email her. Dont worry that she met your date, dating is just that, DATING, doesn't mean you're married and can't see other people.

5:18 PM  

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