Saturday, July 01, 2006

Translation, por favor...

I am constantly reading online dating profiles where many girls feel the need to state something that baffles me. Here is an example of that "something."

"I'm not necessarily looking for a serious relationship right off the bat, I just want to meet someone I can have fun with and if it grows from there, great!"

What does that mean? The alternative to that statement is "I'm going to stick with the first halfway decent guy I meet and make it work at all costs."

Isn't standard dating procedure:

1. Meet someone
2-a If you hate that person then stop seeing them.
2-b If you like that person then continue to seem them and allow things to grow.

Do some people seek relationships regardless of compatibility with the other person just so they can be in a relationship?

Maybe these girls know people like this and are saying to the world, "I am not as screwed up as my friend who is scared to be alone and continues to stick with a horrible partner!"

Let's change the subject in the example quote and see what happens:

"I'm not necessarily looking for a (mop) right off the bat, I just want to (check out some at the store, clean up a few messes, and if I like one and want to take it home) great!"

See that makes sense to me. The only way I would purchase a mop I didn't like was if I had a bad leak at home and needed to bring home a mop -- ANY mop -- that instant.

When is dating like that? When do you NEED to have a partner no matter who it is?

So, I guess that's it. The girls who write stuff like that in their profiles don't have big leaks at home and even if they do, they don't need a mop or a man. They probably have something at home with which they can just plug up their hole...


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