Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Nancy M. saga continues...

You may remember Nancy M as the girl who said:

"Hi- No I'm not booked but I'm not in the position to make plans that I may not be able to keep. and I've had to back out on you before...and its not fair to you at all. And honestly, I'm not really into dating right now. You seem like a lot of fun though and I would like to meet you I'm just not going to make set plans."

Well, I got to work today and the first email in my inbox after the holiday break was from her:

Nancy M: "I'd like to meet you. lets set something up after the holiday. have a good day."

(Wait. Does this mean that your New Year's resolution will be to make set plans with people? Or are you simply in the mood for a good cancellation of a date and you want me to be the victim? I honestly think there is a weird misrouting of email going on and I'm talking to a couple of different girls all named Nancy. Stay tuned to see how this one plays out!)


Blogger Tim said...

Well, my friend my match.com experices have been about the same as your's. I'm left with one impression. Match.com is filled with fickle people. This certainly isn't limited to women as I have lady friends who have had problems with men not keeping dates...etc.

Keep your chin up.


6:06 AM  

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