Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Dinner and a Movie

Elle T. invited me over to her place for dinner. She was making lasagna and garlic bread. I stopped at a Total Wine store to grab a bottle of wine. I got to her place and the food smelled great. I took my coat off and silenced my phone. We put the meal onto plates, ate, and then cleaned up the table. She put away the leftovers and we sat on the couch. Some Rob Schneider movie was on UPN, so we watched that. I fell asleep during the movie.

(Wow. Wasn't that an amazing date story? I keep re-reading it myself because I can't get enough. Were you rolling on the floor the whole time, too? No? Yeah, me neither)

Well, this blog entry was created because I was having lunch with this couple (Tina N. and Nathan R.) at work.

Nathan R: "Why don't you just settle down with (so-n-so) at work."
Tina N: "Yeah, at least you have fun with her."

(Ummm...I had fun in Arizona with my sister, also, but I'm not about to ask her to get a divorce!)

Biff M: "I have fun on dates."
Tina N: "No, you don't. Your blog is just bitter. Your dates are awful."
Biff M: "Wait a second. Do you think the blog entries are my *only* dates? I don't bother writing about *normal* dates. Who would want to read about that I went to a movie with a girl?"
Tina N: "I would!! By the have good dates???"

(Noooo. ..somehow I have such incredible luck to only meet freaks of nature. Oh my god...if I only had dates like the ones I wrote about, I would have taken a baseball bat to my head by now...or maybe gone to live with the turtles in the Galapagos.)

So, there. This entry is entirely for Tina N. Wow, I hope she was entertained with the riveting story about the lasagna!


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