Thursday, April 30, 2009

Back by popular demand...

Hey peeps! It's been years! How the heck are ya? I've gone through a lot since then (see the other blog in my profile, if you haven't heard about my health issues.) Well, it's about time I started this sucker back up, right? Since I wasn't updating in a timely manner, a lot of the initial blog posts will be from the past -- just to get you caught up. (I know you don't like missing anything.)

Let's start with the first girl I met while still on chemo. (There's an interesting question...when do you tell a date that you are on chemotherapy? I learned that there is no good time. If you tell her while you are in the initial emails, she drops you. If you tell her on a date, she drops you. If you invite her over for a 3rd date while hooked to a bag of chemo, she drops you. Are you sensing a pattern here? Wow...I've gotten off topic already!)

I don't think I had told Sienna about the cancer thing (but I had chemo brain, so who knows). We went on a ghost tour. That was all working fine. Afterwards, we got something to eat. (That's right. I remember now. She did know about the chemo. I had to eat and she went with me and watched because she said she wasn't hungry. Kinda weird, but for health reasons, I wasn't going to go without food.)

After we...errr...I finished my meal, Sienna said "btw, I wasn't going to tell you, but you are chatting with my best friend." I immediately replied, "Brianna." It had to be Brianna. I was just starting to date and I was only chatting with two girls. Out of thousands of girls online, I chose two best friends. (I guess my dating luck hadn't changed at all. And that's good news for you lucky readers.)

So, Sienna told me the next day that we should just be friends and Brianna never replied to another email. I must be the only guy who can lose two girls with one date!


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