Friday, February 09, 2007

Feeling Odd...Cool, Even...

Have you ever seen a television show where they take a pretty girl and put her in a "fat suit" or make her ugly/old/disfigured with makeup and then send her out in public to see how people treat her differently? Well, I had a little taste of the reverse of that last night.

The state delegation of Louisiana sponsored a huge party at a hotel in downtown DC. Mardi Gras was the theme...complete with a carnival type atmosphere. Everywhere you looked, there were beads (no flashing, sorry), live bands, face-painters (the professional kind who paint incredible masks on people, not volunteers who draw smiley faces on your cheek), jugglers, acrobats climbing to the ceiling (think Cirque-du-Solei), Vaudeville acts, magicians, plate spinners, Marie Antoinette, stilt walkers wearing masks, a court jester, etc... The Louisiana congressmen spared no expense. About 75 beauty queens from various counties in LA were also flown in for the shin-dig. (After the pageant girls entered the party, I' think all the entertainment performers left the ballroom. I'm not sure, but at least I didn't notice them anymore. Who knows?)

I happened to be standing at the entrance when the girls entered the party. They were all dolled up in evening dresses and lots of makeup (they are southern belles, after all). A group of four came in together and hurried there way in my direction. The entire party room including the food/drink tables was behind me, so I did my best to brace myself for the oncoming stampede. The stampede stopped just short of where I was standing. (When I say "just short" I mean about 3 inches short of me.) All at once, four girls yelled, "Can I get my picture with you?"

(There must be a famous congressman right behind me and like an idiot, I'm in his way. Great.) Oh! Wait, wait, wait! Maybe it was their tiaras causing me not to think straight (that or the pretty faces combined with cleavage), but I totally forgot who *I* was. See, on this particular night I was the court jester. (Yay, me!)

You see, I have a part-time job in performance and this gig had me in colorful tights, bells on my hat and collar, curled shoes, and holding a scepter. I looked ridiculous, but the girls loved it. (For proof, see Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett) One by one, we put our arms around each other for photos. This continued throughout the evening with most of the queens. (I've done photos like this in the past, but usually at sporting events with cheerleaders and never with the cheerleaders approaching me for the photo.)

I'm sure most of you have hot people running up to you every day, but this was new to me. I really didn't know how to react. (Luckily, I was "The Fool" so I was allowed to say stupid things. I excel at that!) And yes, I realize they were running up to the costume and not me, but the initial experience of beauty queens scurrying towards me and grabbing me for photos was an odd feeling. Cool, even...


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