Saturday, August 26, 2006

Pick an excuse...any excuse...

I went on a first date with Charlene Y. last weekend. During the middle of the date, the convesation went like this:

Charlene Y: "How do you end a date?"
BiffM: " you mean do I ask 'your place or mine?'"
Charlene Y: "No. What do you say?"
BiffM: "Well, I never ask the girl for the next date. That puts her on the spot."
Charlene Y: "So, do you tell her that you'll call her?"
BiffM: "I don't think I do. I just say I had a good time, if I did have a good time, and leave it at that."
Charlene Y: "I tell the guy I'll call him."
BiffM: "Really? I didn't think girls said that to guys."
Charlene Y: "If I like the guy, I tell him I'll call him. Why not?"

The date concludes and sure enough:

Charlene Y: "I'll call you."

She called the next night. I called the following night, too. We set up a date for Friday night. The plan was for her to call me when she finished work on Friday b/c she wasn't sure when she would finish. The next couple of days, we played phone tag and sent some text messages.

Then Friday came. I left a voicemail Friday morning.

BiffM: "Hey, let me know when you are free to go out. I assume we are still on...we haven't talked in a few days."

I was taking a nap Friday after work and the phone rang. It wasn't her. It was some strange number. I let it go. Then I checked the message and it was Charlene.

Charlene Y: "Hey, I thought we had a date tonight, but you are not home because you are probably out on another date. I don't play that way. Bye."

(What the?)

I immediately called back and got HER voicemail on this strange number. (How many cell phones does she have and where was she three minutes after leaving a voicemail for me?)

BiffM: "Hey, sorry...I didn't recognize the number, so I didn't pick up the phone. I'm at home...give me a call."

She never called back. So, I guess she was just looking for a reason not to go out. Would she have gone had I picked up the phone? That would have been a waste of time.


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