Tuesday, May 05, 2009

A little sensative?

Sometimes I run into freaks and I'm lucky enough to find out before even going on a date. For instance, I received an email from Sue. After some chatting back and forth, I wrote, "Hey, we should talk on the phone. Here's my number..." One thing I learned online is that girls rarely, if ever, make the initial call. So, her response was either going to be "I'm getting offline because I'm getting married next weekend" or "here is my number."

Sure enough, Sue emailed me her number. I joked, "I knew you would give me your number and make me call. It's not a problem...just cute. :-)"

She replied, "You KNEW I would MAKE you call? Nevermind. Take care and good luck with your search."

What? Hmmm... Oh, I see what happened. She gave her number to me, so she could tell me over the phone that she's getting married next weekend. But, she saw this as an easier "out" without having to feel guilty about not inviting me to the ceremony.


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