Tuesday, May 05, 2009

An oldie, but was she a goodie?

I normally stick with girls who are younger than I am. I guess that is true for most guys, but in my case I almost have to. Whenever I go out with someone my age or older, the girl says I make her feel old. That's because I look a lot younger and I also act young (I'm very immature). One time (at band camp), I attended some function with a girl who was 3 years older than me. My friend asked, "is that your aunt?" Oh boy...

So, when Rachel emailed me, I was skeptical about going out. She was 6 years older and didn't have a photo posted. That's not a great combo. I went out anyway. What the heck, right?

She turned out to be in great shape and didn't look like grandma. Throughout the date I couldn't figure out if I wanted to see her again or not. Oddly enough, she kept coming up with ideas for date number two. (All the dating books say to never ask for a 2nd date while on the first, so I'm sure that PLANNING the next date is taboo, too.) It made me think, "if she really wants a 2nd date, then I should give her a chance."

The place we met was a few blocks from her house, so I walked her home and kissed on the cheek. (No ear this time -- see previous post from years ago). I headed home. The next day or the day after that, I emailed her (she never gave me her number). No reply. I did it again later. Still nothing.

She probably went on the date she planned but found someone else to play the part of me.


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