Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hoop it up...

I met...ummm...let's call her "Dukie," for no particular reason. She was a basketball fan and grad of a certain school that I love to cheer against. I won't bother naming the school here. Anyhoo...she never missed watching a game and I never missed watching one of Pitt's games. That could take up 4 nights a week between us in the winter. The obvious thing to do was to invite her out to a game-watching with my alumni friends.

This particular game was on a Monday night. I had just ended chemo and wasn't really energetic enough to be out, but I toughed it out. She had to work late, so she would meet me at half-time. The game started. No one in my alumni group was there. That's the luck of the draw...some nights it's packed, some nights it's scarce. But no one? Oh well, I ordered food and ate it...by myself at a bar on a Monday night. (That's a pathetic visual.) Halftime came and I got a phone call. She had to work later, so let's reschedule. I went home to watch the rest of the game.

Dukie and I tried again and again, but nothing ever worked out because of conflicting schedules. Finally we decided to meet after the season ended. We'd have a lot of free nights then. I wasn't complaining...I think I would like a girl that into college hoops!

So there you have it...we are going to meet after the college season ends. Wait. Didn't that end seven weeks ago? I have emailed and text'd but no reply. And soon it's going to be football season...oh god, it never ends!


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