Thursday, May 21, 2009

Do you have an appointment?

Harriot worked unusual hours, so pinning down a day and time to meet was an adventure. Eventually, it all worked out. I had to be near her place for an event in the early evening one night and I could meet her next door to my event at a bar for a drink. Perfect! So, we talked Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Thursday arrived and I went to my event. The plan was to call her from the event to see if she was out of work.

So, I did...and I got her voicemail. I left a message and she called back.

Me: "Hey there. How's it going?" I greeted her.
Harriot: "Were we still getting together tonight?"
Me: "That was the plan."
Harriot: "Well, you didn't call to confirm, so I made other plans. I'm out to dinner with a friend now, but I'll call you when I'm done."
Me: "Okay, we'll get together afterwards."

I knew full-well that she wouldn't call me back, so I left Maryland and drove home to Virginia. Sure enough, no phone call at all that night.

Allow me to translate what just happened. I was her plan as long as "stud boy" didn't call her. He did, so she automatically said yes to dinner with him. Then it was a matter of finding an excuse to give to me. Oh! I didn't call her the night before to confirm (never mind that we talked every day except yesterday about the date.) She wasn't sure if stud boy would be a stud in person, so she left it open to meet me later. She hit it off with him and never bothered to call.

Well, that's not true. She did call...SIX MONTHS later. "Hey, how are you?" she asked. I made fake plans to meet her out. She never called to confirm, so I didn't go (not that I would have gone even had she confirmed.) I doubt she showed up, either. Stud Boy # 2 probably called...


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