Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"I'm washing my hair" doesn't cut it...

Maggie was kind of mysterious online. She didn't like to email or talk on the phone...only text. To each her own... We made plans to get together on a Sunday night. She was a little put off because I didn't offer a Friday or Saturday night for the first date. What the heck does it matter? Anyhoo...I got a call a couple hours before the date. "My car won't start. I have AAA coming to tow me. I can't make it." Okay, cool. I don't buy it, but okay.

The date was rescheduled a couple of weeks later. A text came, "I'm stuck in Buffalo at my Dad's place in the snow storm." I know a snowstorm in Buffalo could be bad. I wanted to see what she was going through, so I went to There was no snow in Buffalo. Or New York State. Or the NE portion of the United States. Oh yeah, there was no precipitation in the North American continent!!!! The entire radar was blank. That's odd.

Once again, we rescheduled. I gave her a Friday this time like she asked. I told her that we could meet for dinner and then go to this club to dance. Meanwhile, I scheduled another date with someone I thought might actually show up. While I was on my date, she texted, "There's been a fire." "A fire? Really?" I thought with a chuckle. Alright. "Remember to stop, drop and roll," I responded. I didn't hear from her for weeks.

About a month later, we set up another Friday date. (Wow...our 4th date!) I went to the movies. When I got out of the movies I had a few texts: "I'm stuck at a work meeting. I'll let you know when I get out." "Still at meeting." "It's probably too late for dinner now." I wrote back, "That's okay. Just come meet me at such-and-such for a drink," as I drove home to go to bed.

I still hear from her every few weeks. I think I'll set up another date with her for when I'm having surgery. It'll give me something to do.


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