Sunday, May 31, 2009, just o o o o...

I met Marcy out for dinner on a first date. She was easy to please...she only wanted corn dogs. Who even knew they had corn dogs at a normal restaurant. But, to my surprise, they did! But, let's back up a little, so we can get to the good part of the story. I was waiting inside the door for her at the restaurant. After only being about 15 minutes late (quite early by female standards in DC), she walked in. I attempted to give her my standard "half-hug" greeting. She was having none of that. She put both arms around me and almost squeezed all the air out of me. It was a little odd. Soon after she said she wasn't used to dating. (Maybe that was the reason for the hug like she thought I was dead, but just found out that I was actually only stranded on an island for years.)

During the date...oh screw it...none of the date matters. Let's jump ahead to the end of the date. We walked outside to the parking lot. We did some awkward chit-chat and I went to give her another half-hug. (Meanwhile bracing my feet in case she decided she would tackle me with a hug.) She pulled away from my half-hug, paused, and said, "oh, I'm not really much of a hugger."

??? When I went to the restroom during dinner (well, by dinner, I mean my meal and her carnival food), did her twin sister take her place?


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