Sunday, June 14, 2009

Just doing some reading...

I came across an article online about looking for red flags in online profiles. Check it out:

#8 thru #13 are dead on and I talk about them a lot. In fact check out an excerp from my profile:

Let's get back to the "I like to laugh and/or have fun" thing. I have to ask...does one really need to state that she likes to "have fun?" Isn't that part of the definition? I'm pretty sure that in the dictionary, it reads: "fun: that thing everyone wants to have." If you can point out a person who doesn't like to have fun, I will buy you a car. :-) And why not say why you "feel just as comfortable in jeans as I do in a cocktail dress?" Come on...admit that "I like jeans because they allow me to wipe my Dorito crumbs on my legs when no napkin is readily available and I like wearing dresses so guys check out my figure."

I'm toying with the idea of changing my profile to include every cliche thing that girls put in their profiles. Think anyone online would be smart enough to "get it?"


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