Sunday, June 14, 2009

Just doing some reading...

I came across an article online about looking for red flags in online profiles. Check it out:

#8 thru #13 are dead on and I talk about them a lot. In fact check out an excerp from my profile:

Let's get back to the "I like to laugh and/or have fun" thing. I have to ask...does one really need to state that she likes to "have fun?" Isn't that part of the definition? I'm pretty sure that in the dictionary, it reads: "fun: that thing everyone wants to have." If you can point out a person who doesn't like to have fun, I will buy you a car. :-) And why not say why you "feel just as comfortable in jeans as I do in a cocktail dress?" Come on...admit that "I like jeans because they allow me to wipe my Dorito crumbs on my legs when no napkin is readily available and I like wearing dresses so guys check out my figure."

I'm toying with the idea of changing my profile to include every cliche thing that girls put in their profiles. Think anyone online would be smart enough to "get it?"

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

She found "the one!"

After a few emails, I started chatting with Randi over IM. We chatted a couple of hours. Then we had a phone call. Everything went well. She had just moved to DC after living in Europe with her military husband for 10 years. They got divorced and now she is here in town. One thing that bothered me about her IM session was when she stated, "I don't like dating many people at once." That tells me that the girl is needy. She will take whatever guy comes along and she doesn't care who it is. (I know some of you will disagree with me, but ask yourself this... who has more experience in this area, you or me?)

Later that week, I got an email from her. She was talking about a few different things and she ended the email with: "I have decided to go out tonight for the first time with someone I met online...skeptical but gotta try."

Now if you couple that knowledge together, she'll be engaged in no time.

I emailed her a couple of days later. No reply. I wasn't 100% sure I was right, but whatever. Over a week passed and she texted me, "Hey, how are you?" Hmmm...maybe it didn't work out. We shared a few texts. Then I emailed her two days later asking her out. Her reply, "I met someone, sorry. Maybe you did too. (Yeah, I always ask a girl out after I met someone else I want to date.) I talked to this guy and we made arrangements and went out, the only guy I went on a date with. He is so far pretty much what I am looking for..." (Pretty much what you are looking for after one date? Cool. Corporations like to have 2nd and 3rd interviews, but you like to hire on the spot.) date with one guy in DC and she's off the market. I wonder if she knows that in DC everyone online is dating multiple people at once? Most likely she'll get her heart crushed by him and then swear off online dating forever because "all the guys on there are jerks." I've been down that road before. (Btw, what was your answer to who has more experience at this, you or me?)

Monday, June 08, 2009

Are you clown funny?

Judith sent me an email: "I like your profile. I like what you said about the importance of humor. I hope to hear from you soon."

So, if she understands the importance of humor to me, I guess she'll understand why she is not going to hear from me soon (or ever).

She lists her religion as "Quaker." (Those are still around? I thought they became extinct in the 1800's when "going plain" went out of style.) But if she is, in fact, a Quaker, maybe in "Quaker-ism," her email is hilarious! On the other hand, I guess I could suck it up and just go after her because of her sex-appeal. I mean, in her photos, she is showing bare ankles and she has a mighty fine set of them, I must admit.